February ’17 Review

February ’17 Review

For a review of February’s finances, let us take a look below at the spreadsheets.



Starting with more formal income, I received a grant to the value of £350 (filed under Misc.) which is a nice little supplement.

In terms of matched betting over at Yesbets* – it was a short month and a slow month, really. Not a lot seemed to be going on and I wasn’t so lucky on hitting as many reloads as I would like to. March, however, brings with it the Cheltenham festival so I hope that next month I can increase the profit a bit. The £51.33 cashback can almost be filed under “matched betting”, as in fact the vast majority of it is cashback from when I signed up to various betting websites a few months ago, which have finally been credited through Topcashback.

Investment income is boosted nicely from having more money in Saving Stream* getting 12% returns. Similarly on the P2P front, the Ratesetter* rolling market seems to be trending upwards and I’m now invested at an average of 4.0%.

All in all, a solid month’s earnings.



Starting towards the top of the list, the first change from last month is that nPower have (automatically) put our Direct Debit up to £48 to clear a bit of our debit balance with them. Not too worried – our usage hasn’t actually changed and I would expect our annual energy bill to average out at below £40.

Groceries look fine from where I’m sitting, as does travel. That covers a £20 Oyster Card top up as well as 2 train tickets to Worthing in March which is where we will be placed for our next hospital rotation.

£28.49 covers a sleeping mat for my partner’s sister’s birthday, whilst about £20 was spent on the next refill for my homebrew beer and £11.38 under Hobbies covers the Peddars Way guidebook (our planned summer walking holiday).

The biggie comes at the bottom – my partner purchased the next tranche of driving lessons for ~£230 and she also paid out £23 for the driving theory test (which, incidentally, she is sitting as I type this very sentence. Edit: she just passed!).


Net savings

A surplus again – that’s what I like to see. As usual over these last few months, it seems to be my matched betting sideline that keeps the numbers positive. Savings rate is down from January, but I take it with a pinch of salt at this moment in time because our income is so sporadic. More interesting will be the annual figures once I’ve got 12 months worth of data.

As for net worth, including the previous 2 months for comparison:

Net worth

February sees a net gain of ~£350. New for February is that I’ve started tracking exactly how much we have in gift card balances because I realised it was not a trivial amount. Most of it is in the form of Amazon vouchers, but there’s £100 of theatre tokens from Christmas which will buy a nice evening out in the West End later in the year.

Other big changes included moving £12,000 from the NW cash ISA earning <1% into 4 Tesco bank accounts (you’re allowed two each) earning 3% interest on balances up to £3000. To summarise, income > expenditure, which is all we hope to achieve whilst still studying. I’m quite happy with the amount of money in each investment at the moment, a good chunk of the remaining balance in the NW cash ISA will be consumed when Lifetime ISAs open next month (exciting!).

*Links marked with an asterix are affiliate links. This means that, through no loss or additional effort from yourself, I get a small benefit if you sign up via that link. In some cases, you will even benefit as well

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