May ’17 Review

May ’17 Review

May was a busy month – back in London to sit a couple of exams, followed by 2 weeks off enjoying some free time in the good weather (including a day out to Box Hill; see above). Right towards the end of the month, we started back up on rotation and I had my first proper driving lesson.


Income May 17

In addition to the usual suspects income-wise, there were a couple of nice boosters. The remainder of the birthday cheques were deposited and the the Nationwide switch bonus come through to the value of £200. Also within the misc. category is £20 from clinical studies, £10 gift voucher from filling out a government survey to do with energy bills and getting some travel reimbursed from the university.


Expenditure May 17

The elephant in the room this month is the cost of 20 hours worth of driving lessons for myself – ’tis a lot of money but it is budgeted for and will result in the two of us each being able to drive hopefully by the end of the year. Travel was high as we took a trip to Hampshire as well as Box Hill during our brief time off, and also topped up an Oyster card for £20. The awesome thing is that both the Whitchurch and Box Hill trains were delayed by 1-2 hours. As a result, both journeys were 50% refunded, meaning we’ll get £28 back for our trouble! Another £11.50 was spent on pond related plants for my Granny’s birthday.


Savings rate May 17
Net savings

In what will become a common pattern until we get another tranche of student loan in September, we have a negative savings rate. That said, despite being the most expensive month this year, the actual net loss is only very modest, thanks mainly to the bonuses of birthday money and the Nationwide switch.

Net worth May 17
Net worth

Net worth has accordingly dropped slightly but it is of no concern at this point as it will be made up for in September. There were no other major changes in the allocation of money, perhaps apart from taking £750 out of Ratesetter to keep within my overdraft.


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