June ’17 Review

June ’17 Review

For all of June we’ve been on rotation, so I’d expect a fairly quiet month on the finances side. The real highlight was nailing down our elective placement with a £100 admin down payment – a significant load off our minds after a string of rejections from other locations. Now that the ball is rolling with it, we have a much better idea of what the total elective cost is actually going to be, which has been the biggest unknown variable in the finances for some time now. June also saw a trip down to Hampshire for my partner’s parents’ 25th wedding anniversary which was a very merry occasion.


06-17 Income

Interest income this month was a healthy £212, with a strong performance as usual on the P2P front largely courtesy of Lendy (12% returns on property lending).

A little bit of cashback this month from a forgotten-about matched betting website sign-up was a nice surprise. I always withdraw them as Amazon vouchers because you get a couple of percent bonus and we will definitely buy something from Amazon within the ~10 year expiry date.

Additionally, a random £100 cheque appeared from my partner’s uncle which was much appreciated and unexpected – but I certainly won’t complain. Another £20 gift came in the form of a £20 Pizza Express voucher which was kindly donated from my Granny.

Misc. is composed primarily of train company refunds after we were delayed twice on two separate journeys last month. Half price tickets all round!


06-17 Expenditure

On the expenditure front, it was a below average month (in a good way) yet we still managed to pay for a good few useful things. Travel comprised of an Oyster Card top up and, more interestingly, the aforementioned trip to Hampshire. We paid for a few nights accommodation for our walking holiday next month, as well as the coach/train there and back respectively (I’ve actually lumped it into “holiday” rather than “travel” to keep it all in one cell) – the rest we will pay in cash on the trip itself. £100 was put down for our elective to cover the admin fees (more to follow) and there was even room left over this month to pay for my driving theory test at £23.


06-17 Savings

Compared to last month, we had slightly lower income but also slightly lower expenses, resulting in the same “savings rate” of ~-10%. Still, the aim of the game whilst we are still students is just damage limitation i.e. try to break even at the end of the course.

06-17 Net Worth
Net Worth

The net worth table isn’t too exciting at the moment. I brought a bit of money out of Ratesetter to fund my current account and qualify for the latest switch bonus – TSB. My £130 bonus should come in at the end of next month and another one should come in the month after that. I’ll also move on to Halifax or Co-op bank to try and swindle their switching bonuses next month, too.



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