July ’17 Review

July ’17 Review

July was a nice month – we finished off our surgery rotation, and for the last 8 days of the month we went on a walking-camping holiday, ticking off another National Trail in the Peddars Way/North Norfolk Coastal Path. We did very well to stave off any bad weather, let’s see if our finances this month fared as well.


07-17 Income

Running down the rows, everything is flat until we hit gifts. My grandparents gave me a generous £100 spending money for our walking holiday, but it wasn’t a free handout. I took the opportunity one Sunday to switch their overpriced standard tariff BT internet and phoneline to a good Plusnet new customer deal. In the process, they made an annual saving of just over £500 – an excellent result for the prosperity of the wider family! At the same time, I also switched another family member in the same style for a further £250 annual saving.

The Misc £380 is courtesy of the very generous Halifax (£125 each) and TSB (£130 to me, another £130 to my partner to clear next month) switching bonuses. Next month, Co-op is in our scopes for another £250 total, so watch this space. Once Co-op goes through, our total income from these bonuses will hit £1060(!), plus most offer some form of decent interest savings (3-5%) or regular monthly incomes (£3-5) if you keep meeting the criteria.



07-17 Expenditure

A forewarning – keep an eye on “Internet” costs over the next month or two. Having referred two family members to Plusnet (see above), we should start receiving a wee £2.50 discount on our own monthly Internet bill. Thrilling!

Travel comprises of tickets to Eastbourne for our next rotation starting later in August, a real bargain when booked in advance.

Total walking holiday cost was £237.72, which covered 8 nights of camping, travel and more than a few cakes, biscuits and beers topped off with a fish and chips on the sea front at Cromer.

Hobbies comprises one mid range pair of cycling bib shorts and I continue to haemorrhage money on driving lessons – this month I passed my theory test, and hopefully I’ll have the practical test sorted by August/September.




07-17 Savings

We nearly managed to squeeze our expenditure below our income, but alas not quite. Next month is a triple student finance month, so it’ll be a good one.


07-17 Net Worth
Net Worth

The net worth table is getting rather monolithic with all the accounts from the switching bonuses but it’s the only way to keep on top of where all the money is. Net worth was slightly down, and our progress tracker has dipped to 5.45% (it’s a long journey to go…) but, as mentioned above, next month, and actually September, too, will be big income months in terms of student finance.

Further plans for August include cracking on with getting the Co-op accounts open and making eligible dummy accounts (4 active direct debits each!) to switch into them.


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