September ’17 Review

September ’17 Review


9-17 income

Interest income this month was boosted by an annual payout from a now-closed ISA, otherwise it’s mainly comprised of Lendy @ 12% and Ratesetter currently hovering around 4% on their monthly rolling market.

The chunk of money under ‘Family’ is mainly from a £1500 annual stipend, whilst Misc was boosted, in particular, by 2x £125 switching bonuses courtesy of Co-op. Sadly, that’s all the current account switching bonuses completed for the time being, but the two of us have managed to extract something like £1000 from the various deals over the last few months. My wodge of debit cards is now rather impressive.


9-17 expenditure

After referring two family members to Plusnet broadband recently, my own broadband bill with them has dropped to £12.49 per month, which is great. Groceries is deceptively low because at least half of it has rolled over to next month due to the delay on paying by credit card.

Entertainment is the highest it’s been just about ever – that’s owing to living in shared accommodation and the resulting pub trips that are therefore compulsory. It’s been fun whilst it lasted, but with moving back to London in October, that number will fall back down to more typical values. Holidays comprises of tickets to Southwold for a week in October (hopefully the weather will be good). All but about £10 of Misc is actually line rental, so that’s a one off annual expense.


9-17 savings rate
Savings Rate

All in all, the net result is an gain of £1470.95. Over the course of the academic year, I’m expecting the net savings to actually be negative – this is just a particularly high income month.


9-17 net worth
Net Worth

And adding up the balances of the far-too-many accounts we now have results in a nice boost to the net worth. Not quite £60k, but close… I actually anticipate that net worth will steadily drop pretty much from now until we start earning, so, pending anything unexpected, we won’t break that barrier for a while yet.


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