October ’17 Review

October ’17 Review


10-17 Income

Well, back to reality with the income as the start-of-academic-year annual lump sums have all but disappeared. Interest income remains in the usual range of just above £200/month. The big news this month is that I passed my driving test, which invited several kind family members to gift me some cash for the inevitable upcoming car purchase.


10-17 Expenditure

Expenditure was almost spot on the long term running average of £1785/month. Energy a little higher as we settled up with nPower after switching to a new provider to get on the best deal. Groceries is back to the ~£150 average, travel was boosted by being on a peripheral placement and the multiple trips back and forth that entails. A final £50 under Car was the cost of one more 2-hour driving lesson before the test. Some rather intimidating numbers will be populating that field in the coming months as we purchase a car and then insure it.

In terms of hobby-related expenses, we bought a pair of leather walking boots for £100 (dry feet from now on – worth every penny) and ~£50 on a Raspberry Pi and related paraphernalia. The RPi is quite interesting – I’ve recently started to learn coding, and an example project I’ve now completed is a bank account scraper which, at the end of each month, automatically logs into all of our accounts and spits out the end of the month balance, any interest payments and certain transactions before automatically inserting the data directly into the budget spreadsheet. Pretty nifty, and helpful when you have a couple of dozen accounts….

To wrap up expenditure, I also bought a friend a birthday present which took the form of  a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It seems expensive for what it is, but I’ve definitely drunk at least that much money’s worth of his alcohol so I consider us evens now.


10-17 savings rate
Savings Rate

As expected, a slight loss on the month. Expecting to make a low 4-figure loss this year after cars and electives and whatnot are accounted for.

10-17 net worth
Net Worth

I’m sure that there must be an error in a formula somewhere because I don’t see how the net worth can be +£793 when the profit & loss for the month came out at -£231. The delta in net worth should be profit & loss + market investments + commodities, so +£240.79. It’s very difficult, too, to figure out exactly where the error is when there are so many accounts in the balance. Ah well, we seem to have breached (temporarily) £60k so that’s a pretty good milestone to end on!


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