November ’17 Review

November ’17 Review


11-17 Income

November sees total income drop a bit, hopefully the calm before the storm of Christmas presents – we are mainly asking for cash instead of random unwanted presents. Interest income was relatively good, with the majority coming just from Lendy and little bits here and there from Ratesetter and current account rewards.


11-17 Exenditure

The most notable thing on the expenditure side of the finances comes in the form of £200 deposit for a car plus £773.92 for car insurance. I was actually expecting insurance to be closer to £1000, possibly more, so I’m quite pleased with the amount that we ended up having to pay after going through all the comparison websites. Note that we only paid the deposit for the car this month – next month is going to be a real stinger as we actually paid for the car on 1st December. Apart from the car related purchases, the rest of the expenditure was very well controlled and below the overall average.



11-17 Savings rate
Savings Rate

Negative a large number.  Moving on.

11-17 Net Worth
Net Worth

Dipping back below the £60k peak, and it would take some extraordinarily generous Christmas presents to see us rise back above that benchmark once the full cost of the car is reported in the December finances. Should be a steady decline in net worth for the rest of the academic year until we start earning money from August onwards.


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